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3:21 PM BARGES FOR SALE . 418' x 75' x 28' DRY BULK BARGE (Ref#1825) Built 1986, draft 19’6-3/8”, single hold, double hull, ABS class +A1 Barge, US Flag, 8019 GT, 8019 NT, hatch openings 302’ x 45’, hatch cover: 14 panels, 16 tons each, Marine Travelift 360D hatch crane, 525,143 cubic foot capacity, 12,779 LT deadweight, 2,687.9 ST lightweight ship, 1346 gallon TANKERS AND TANK BARGES 03/26/2019. 100,000BBL DOUBLE HULL OIL TANK BARGES (Ref#2454ab) . A: 376'

x 87' x 37', Built 1976, rebuilt 2007 (double hull), Cargo grade A and lower, Inland and ocean going, last drydock 10-12-2011, next drydock 12-2016.Class: A1 barge ABS 12-2011 to 2-2017. Tanks: 5 port & stbd, Total cubic capacity: 19561m3. Search. Barcelona - Spain

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