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Manual or Wiring Diagram Home heating with anthracite coal has benefits and drawbacks. For many, using an energy source is totally a foreign concept because they require boilers and stoves which are not readily available throughout the country. The Shaker Grate Series outdoor coal furnace models feature a traditional round design firebox & water jacket and the original shaker grates and removable ash pan system. – Thermostatically controlled to offer an even heat throughout your home or business – Digital illuminated controls for easy reading – Economical and easy to replace. Looking for the web's Top Coal Furnace Sites? is the leading directory of popular Old Stoves, Parlor Stoves, Coal Stoves, & Furnace Ratings sites.

Champaign Coal and Stove Co, is a full-service provider of coal stove and other home energy products, as well as the region's only provider of bagged anthracite coal. Coal Furnaces and BoilersDrawbacks of Using CoalImprovements in Coal HeatingOrigins of CoalCoal furnaces contain fumes within a sealed steel box. Heat exchangers extract the warm airand vent it

through the same heat distribution systems that other types of furnaces use.Replacing coal furnaces, coal-burning boilers are now preferred for central heating.Manufacturers claim this type of heater runs 50% more efficiently than older coal-burningfurnaces and also heats the hot water supply for the household. The following manufacturerssell coal-burning furnaces: 1. Axeman-Anderson 2. ClaySee more on Wood and Coal Furnaces can work in conjunction with or

in place of your current furnace system. Whether you burn Wood or Coal in your Furnace, you will be saving money over other costly heating methods. Choose the right Wood or Coal Furnace for your home, and start saving today! ENERGY KING Wood/Coal Furnaces Installation and Operating Instructions APPENDIX A: WIRING DIAGRAMS Furnace into your home’s warm-air supply duct. ENERGY KING 360EK/365EK Furnace has a plenum opening of 18 inches by 18 inches. ENERGY KING 480EK Furnace has Welcome to Keystoker. Quality Materials, Workmanship and Service Only The Sun Does It Better! Over 70 Years experience in

producing anthracite coal heating equipment to provide an economical solution to high cost of today’s energy. A remote Honeywell thermostat marks your stove, furnace, or boiler completely automatic. Brunco Wood / Coal Furnace. The furnace is of airtight, automatic, design so that you may choose the amount of heat that your home

requires and the positive temperature controls will help to maintain that heat output. The unit may also be controlled to provide you with a good long overnight burning time so that you need only one fire each

Two electrical engineers saw the need for a way to conveniently burn anthracite coal, which was plentiful, but heating with coal had a bad reputation of being dirty and requires maintenance several times a day. Our engineers developed an automatic stoker unit equipped with a coal …

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